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Welcome to the (Coming) Madness

My real name is not Sutter, and this is not my “blog”. Sutter is a pen name, and (originally) a character here originally intended to develop through stories of his own in the form of first-person journal entries and appearances in his own short stories. Fun fact: his vocation was going to be killing (whatever the reasons may be in a given instance, whether for duty, profit, or fun). Speaking of stories…

The stories that will probably be put here will at first have no real rhyme or reason to their order, and may range from semi-lengthy to extremely short. I’m really not placing any limits or restrictions, or expectations on myself, and the game plan is essentially to put out fucked up literature (hopefully with a point, most of the time), and to enjoy myself as I explore this.

That’s something I should clarify to: this is very much an exploration, as aside from writing in junior high and high school, this will be the first time I write anything fictional openly, and it is the first time I’m using avenues of thought and creation that will likely prove to be filled with sex, violence, and repulsive levels of depravity.

Short stories will also not be the only way I go about these explorations – in the first paragraph of this post, I mention the possibility of journal entries from the perspective of Sutter, a serial killer. I may also play with poetry, one-liners, advice, and other forms of writing from a murderers perspective.

The contents of this blog will vary (maybe wildly) in the form they take, and the consistency will be found in the perspective and fictional persons they center around, made-up people with monstrous souls.

Unless I say otherwise, as I’m doing here in this post, or unless it’s a story centering around a different (and/or unnamed) character, you can assume the posts are meant to be read as posts by Sutter from here on out. One of the first things I’ll probably do is make a disclaimer page, and add something to the “About” page. I might also make one for ‘inspirations’, as some will probably deserve a mention. I’ll point out a few right off the bat: Dexter (the show and the character), Marilyn Manson, Hannibal Lecter, and A Clockwork Orange (an awesome movie).

There are a few thing I suppose should be understood by anyone reading this: you might well be offended at some point, or disgusted, or both, or more; I am not a pro-writer, I don’t do it for a living, and I have little regard for rules these days, and while that last one might change depending on how much I enjoy this and how seriously I want to take my efforts here, the rest should still be kept in mind; lastly, my aim isn’t to shock, or to provoke attention, or to engage in shit-slinging contests with anyone that wants to start one, I’m just looking to experiment, express, create, and enjoy myself in the process. If anyone reads any of the contents here and gets something out of it, good for you.


2 comments on “Welcome to the (Coming) Madness

  1. Philip Wardlow
    March 21, 2013

    Good luck sir in your endeavours..

    Liked by 1 person

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~William Shakespeare

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