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Modified Insanity

As cool as it would be to have a story that matches the title of this post, I’m referring to changes that have taken place here on Sparks of Insanity. Fiction doesn’t come as easily to me as other kinds of writing, not usually, but there are some interesting pieces of flash fiction here so far. Amazing what will ooze out of your (heart and) mind if you let it. I’m sure there’s more yet to come too; I may be slow, but chances are…

I am just getting started.

The Beginning

Last year I started this blog with the intention of exploring myself through fiction, a medium which counter-intuitively (but oh so effectively) takes the microscope off oneself, allowing you to project onto characters and into stories. The more separate you feel from your creations, the more honest they’re liable to be. Back then the idea was to approach a lot of this from the first person perspective of Jack Sutter, a character, a fictional serial killer.

Allowing for more than just him though, I called this site Monstrous Souls. That has since been reduced to a section, always leaving open the option of expanding into other areas. For a while I changed the name to Tapestry of Madness, but it didn’t really feel right. I think I might’ve published Killing Sunshine and Danny Boy around that time. A while afterward I finally came up with a variation of the site title that felt more in tune with me, and I’ve stayed with it since then.

Modified Insanity

The modifications all took place earlier this month.
Most noticeable is probably the new theme.

The home page feed shows excerpts from multiple posts in a format I think works well for content here, especially with the space between posts being roughly a month or so on average (so far). The colors appealed to me too, especially with the widgets I wanted to use. Aside from that were a few subtle changes; the ‘uncategorized’ category was changed to ‘Monstrous Souls’, a few other categories were added, and posts were edited to their appropriate categorizations.

The (Coming) Madness

Presently, Jack Sutter has been abandoned as a complete character. Instead it’s simply a pen name. I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this now, at least no more than I was when I started writing here. Like I said in the very first post, this is (still) very much an exploration. The contents of this blog will vary (maybe wildly) in the form they take, and the consistency will be found in the perspective and fictional persons they center around, made-up people with monstrous souls.

New readers should be forewarned…

I often use avenues of thought and creation filled with sex and violence.

Read the disclaimers page (here) or my first piece of flash fiction (Indiscriminate) if you want to get a taste for the kind of depravity I dabble in without spending to much of your time. If you can’t handle that kind of material then you might want to move on to more vanilla parts of the internet. This is not (currently) a place of feel good fiction or clean language. I’m of questionable moral character, and I can only hope that shines through in my art. You have been warned. To those of you following this site already…

Like I said, I might lag, but you can always look forward to more.


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~William Shakespeare

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