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Beauty Has Its Burdens

From the perspective of Annabel…

Beauty is just a part of life for me.

No one fails to turn their head when I walk by, and no one fails to undress me, or envy my clothes. Which one depends on the gender… sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter. Today, the medium I share myself through is a flowing black dress. Skin tight, soft, not quite see through. I’m dazzling. I know this because I’ve suffered for it.

So many women have self-image issues after an experience like mine. I’ll never understand why. Some bad shit went down, and it’s because I’m fucking beautiful.

He wouldn’t have wanted to touch me if I’d been uglier.

We wouldn’t have ended up in the bathroom of that run down pub. He wouldn’t have grabbed my arms, squeezing hard enough to bruise, when I told him I had to go. I couldn’t just tease him and go, he said. Couldn’t get him hard like that only to split before I offered him relief. So after the initial struggle I gave in. Down on my knees…

Kneeling on the filthy piss scented floor with it’s deceptively clean white tiles, I unzipped his pants. I’d tell you the rest, but I’d rather make a long, long story shorter.

Afterwards didn’t quite feel real. Step after step, out into the bar, through the front doors, and the sidewalk. Back to my apartment. The next few hours were spent showering. What kept me anchored to reality, what helped me come back from that is that it only happened because of my beauty. He may have fucked me silly that night…


It’s only because I’m beautiful.


2 comments on “Beauty Has Its Burdens

  1. thesarahdoughty
    February 14, 2015

    Very nice. 😊😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

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~William Shakespeare

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